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    Zydrate Anatomy

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    Repo! The Genetic Opera OST (Deluxe Edition)

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    Repo! The Genetic Opera Cast

Zydrate Anatomy - Repo! the Genetic Opera

I can’t feel nothing at all

Grave Robber:
Drug Market
Sometimes, I wonder why I ever got in.
Blood Market
Love Market
Sometimes, I wonder why they need me at all.
Zydrate comes in a little glass vial

A little glass vial?

A little glass vial

Grave Robber:
And the little glass vial goes into the gun like a battery
And the Zydrate gun goes somewhere against your anatomy
And when the gun goes off, it sparks, and you’re ready for surgery


Amber Sweet:
Grave Robber, Grave Robber
Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother.
Graver Robber, Grave Robber
Sometimes, I wonder why I need you at all.

Grave Robber:
And Amber Sweet is addicted to the knife

Addicted to the knife?

Addicted to the knife

Grave Robber:
And addicted to the knife
She needs a little help with the agony


Grave Robber:
And a little help comes in a little glass vial
In a gun pressed against her anatomy
And when the gun goes off, Miss Sweet is ready for surgery


Amber Sweet:
Graver Robber, Grave Robber
Sometimes, I wonder why I need you at all.

It’s clean
It’s clear
It’s pure
It’s rare [x6]

Grave Robber:
It’s takes you there (x2)
Before you cut
A change inside

Amber Sweet:
I can’t feel nothing at all
Feel alive! 

Amber Sweet:
So you think you got heart?
So you think you got balls?
So you think you Mag can sing?

I don’t think nothing at all.

Amber Sweet:
So you think Mag has pipes?
Well, it’s my turn to shine.
When the Repo Man strikes! 

What are you talking about?

Grave Robber:
Mag’s contract’s got some mighty fine print

Some mighty fine print?

Some mighty… fine… print

Grave Robber:
And that mighty fine print puts Mag in a mighty fine predicament
If Mag up and splits, her eyes are forfeit
And if GeneCo and Rotti so will it
Then a Repo Man will come
And she’ll pay for that surgery

I can’t feel nothing at all(x6)

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